Shower Gel Bitter Orange

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Want to feel calm and relaxing?. Select this Bitter Orange (Small Grain Bigarade) shower gel. Well know for  relaxing virtues. The fine creamy lather cleanses and moisturizes your skin. Thus, leaving a fresh and earthy fragrance. Its components include a soft, eco-friendly cleansing base. Made out of vegetable oils and essential oils. it adapts to the skin's pH and is completely biodegradable. This shower gel is therefore perfectly suited for a daily use.  Without causing any damage to your skin. In aromatherapy, Small Grain Bigarade essential oil is well known for its relaxing properties. In addition, excellent skin regeneration. indeed, a tissue reinvigoration.

shower gel orange blossom how to use

Dampen the skin before applying the shower gel. Rub and rinse thoroughly.


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