Nectarome Argan Oil Best oil for face & Hair

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Argan oil extracts from the fruits of Argan tree native and restricted to the south of Morocco. Argan tree is well respected among all the natural plant oil tree families.

Besides, its demand among the locals, Now, it has an international fan following. Thanks to all the countless benefits it offers from centuries, that includes the following.

First, nourishment of the skin.

Secondly, facial wrinkle protection or anti-wrinkle.

Third, hair damage control and protection.

Fourth, hair growth and strengthening.

Last, A perfect hair mask.

Finally, To use as culinary, edible oil, Nutty in flavor to dip breakfast bread. It also, helps reduces cholesterol and bad fats in the body.

The Nectarome Argan oil is made with 100 % natural ingredients and Ecocert certified.


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