Hammam Home Spa Gift Set 2021

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The box include
- Argan oil 100ml
- Rose water 100ml
- Moroccan black soap 200g
- Kissa gloves

Argan oil

Argan oil extracts from the fruits of Argan tree native and restricted to the south of Morocco. Argan tree is well respected among all the natural plant oil tree families.

Besides, its demand among the locals, Now, it has an international fan following. Thanks to all the countless benefits it offers from centuries, that includes the following.

First, nourishment of the skin.

Secondly, facial wrinkle protection or anti-wrinkle.

Third, hair damage control and protection.

Fourth, hair growth and strengthening.

Last, A perfect hair mask.

Rose water

Rose Water is for RELAXING Also, a great facial toner. It helps prep the skin for moisturizers, Masks and facial serums. Once sprayed contact with the skin. It helps relaxing, Moist, and softens your skin. Facial toner mixed with Ghassoul or MASK instead of water to relax the skin. Thus, it has soothing properties. Usually, use regularly for great results. Therefore, a must in your Beauty Care Range.


Moroccan Rhassoul clay, many of us know as Ghassoul or Moroccan red clay. The magical clay is mineral-rich especially, Magnesium. Found hundreds of years ago near the Atlas mountain region of Morocco. The clay so rich in Minerals has ample benefits. When used as a mask. It helps in cleaning the skin and hair from all types of dirt, impurities, and Sebum (an oily wax substance found on the face and scalp skin, except palms and sole of the feet).

Moroccan black soap

The Moroccan black soap is an authentic Spa and Hammam product. The composition contains soft olives and organic olive oil. Usually, Our skin has 4.5 to  5.5  PH Levels, meaning Acidic. Black soap is 9-11.5 Alkaline,  In simple words,  black soap not only removes germs and bacteria, as well as dirt, grease, and dead skin.

Moroccan Hammam bath 

1. Heat your bathroom, to keep your skin warm throughout the hammam.

2. Rinse the whole body and hair with warm water.

3. Once the body is well warmed up (ideally you should wait about 10 to 15 minutes, so that the pores are well dilated), apply the black soap in a thin layer all over the body, avoiding the mucous membranes.

4. Leave on for about 10 minutes, making sure the room is still warm and moist.

5. Rinse thoroughly.

6. Scrub the body with a Kissa glove, starting with the lower part of the body and working upwards, using small circular movements. The pressure exerted will be more or less important, according to the sensitivity of the skin.

7. Rinse thoroughly.

8. Apply the ghassoul mixed with orange blossom water (or water) evenly to the entire body, face and hair. Rub the scalp to apply the ghassoul evenly on the scalp.

9. Leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing.

10. Be careful to brush the scalp perfectly to remove the ghassoul. Indeed, if there are residues, it will continue to suck up impurities and sebum, and will eventually dry out the scalp and hair, and sometimes even create dandruff.

11. Rinse thoroughly.

12. There is no need to apply shower gel or shampoo.

13. A conditioner can be applied.

14. When leaving the "hammam", do not forget to soothe and moisturize the skin of the body and face with Argan oil.


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