Nectarome Moroccan Ghassoul or Rhassoul Clay With Seven Plants

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Moroccan Rhassoul clay, many of us know as Ghassoul or Moroccan red clay. The magical clay is mineral-rich especially, Magnesium. Found hundreds of years ago near the Atlas mountain region of Morocco. The clay so rich in Minerals has ample benefits. When used as a mask. It helps in cleaning the skin and hair from all types of dirt, impurities, and Sebum (an oily wax substance found on the face and scalp skin, except palms and sole of the feet).

The regular use of Rhassoul clay mask will help to absorb all excess oily wax (Sebum). Rebalance the production, and maintaining a future balance. Simply, It will act as a magnet on the skin against all imperfections and impurities.

Ghassoul Powder is a part of the Hammam and bath range designed by Nectarome. Full of natural goodness and seven different types of plants. It helps cleanse the skin and efficiently clean off any impurities, dirt, and Sebum(oily wax on Skin). The Hammam line is inspired by the Moorish bathing tradition. It is an important tradition in the Moroccan culture.


ghassoul how to use 1

Mix the powder with warm water, rose water, or orange blossom water to obtain a smooth paste. Adjust the proportions according to your needs.

Ghassoul how to use 2

After the skin has been rinsed off the black soap and the skin scrub, apply the Ghassoul paste on the entire body, face, and hair while avoiding the eyes and mucous membranes.

Ghassoul how to use 3

Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Make sure to untangle the hair and brush it meticulously in order to remove any residue that could cause the skin to dry out.


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