Nectarome Rose Water

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Rose Water is for RELAXING Also, a great facial toner. It helps prep the skin for moisturizers, Masks and facial serums. Once sprayed contact with the skin. It helps relaxing, Moist, and softens your skin. Facial toner mixed with Ghassoul or MASK instead of water to relax the skin. Thus, it has soothing properties. Usually, use regularly for great results. Therefore, a must in your Beauty Care Range.

Rosewater is formed by distilling the rose Patels with steam. Rosewater has a variety of uses. it is ideal to mix it with our selection of Masks. Also, to be used in beauty products as facial spray and tonner. Ideal to use in beauty recipes.

To make Rosewater Facial toner Nectarome uses the best rose petals mixed with a variety of essential oils. This in return helps to calm, relax, and moist the skin.



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